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Social media – expensive pleasure

Social media – expensive pleasure is it uncomfortable for a phone to be comfortable because you can skip an important call or because you're offline? This time, we want to share our thoughts on social networks and their benefits for sales. It is undoubtedly appropriate and appropriate that communication on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or other platforms helps, but without a positive influence, we can also see [...]

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Enriched reality user experience casts upside down

Enriched reality user experience translates upside down this will improve the quality of the shopping. When in 2016 Pokemon Go reached the public, most of it lost a healthy mind. In a few days after the release, a reality-based game has already had millions of players of different age groups who have received different characters without counting the time. Some have even been injured by cars or suffered injuries [...]

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Five main strands that will form social media in the 2018 year.

Five main strands that will form social media in the 2018 year. At the beginning of the new year, there is certainly no shortage of forecasts in various areas, including marketing. Forecasts help simplify decision making, where you invest your time and money. So we'll look at this year's social media trends and the main directions to make it easier to understand how to behave. We analysed the global data, survey results and analysts ' [...]

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Advertising power. Some advertisements become tradition.

Advertising power. Some advertisements become tradition. John Lewis's Christmas advertisement is a TV advertising campaign launched by John Lewis, a UK department stores network. The first Christmas advertisement John Lewis showed in 2007, and since then it has become part of the British POP culture, as well as a starting point to start waiting for Christmas. These commercials are attracting tremendous media attention [...]

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User experience, emotion and sales promotion otherwise.

User experience, emotion and sales promotion otherwise. M&M's, Jaguar and Mastercard aim to have a direct connection with consumers. Users are increasingly using ad blockers (blockers), switching channels when advertising starts and increasingly avoiding traditional advertising. It's easy to see why Jaguar, Absolut, Mastercard and many more well-known brands use experience Marketing (experiential marketing). It (experience [...]

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